When contacting me, please briefly introduce yourself, state the city you’re in, what service you would like and the time frame in which I can reply.” 

Erotic Massage
I give a nude full body massage with a deep or light touch, transitioning to a body slide ( an intimate body to body experience) and finished with a hand release and hot towel service. I also offer COF finish at an additional cost of $150. 
Please note, I am not a full service provider. I do not offer full service or oral service.   

Social Time
Social time can include anything platonic, including non-erotic massage with no release, a dinner date, a coffee and a walk, fishing, a phone call, a movie, the shooting range or maybe you have something else in mind? Just ask, maybe we can make it a date. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay a deposit?
If we have never met before I require a deposit to confirm you are serious about meeting. I don’t appreciate having my time wasted by people booking fake appointments.

How do I know I won’t get scammed?
I have been operating as Lexie Caldera for several years. I take pride in my honesty and have an excellent reputation as a provider. 

How do I pay? 
I accept cash or e-transfer. I also accept pre-paid credit cards which can be purchased at almost any big box store or gas station. 

Do you do drugs?
I am open to small indulgences of alcohol or marijuana, but I do not do hard drugs and ask that you do not use any hard drug before or during our time together.

Do you see couples?
I don’t see couples, but I am willing to offer a duo with another established sex worker of your choice. 

Can I massage you?
If you’d like to massage me that is absolutely an option. Just ask!

Why don’t you offer full service? If I offer you more money will you provide full service?
I see sex as something special to be shared with someone who I am committed to. More money is not a motivating factor for me in this regard. If you’d like to have sex with me, we can discuss a pre-nup and what style of wedding ring I would like 😉

Why haven’t you responded to my text/email/phone call?
Due to an extremely busy schedule, I only respond to those who send serious inquiries. If you haven’t briefly introduced yourself, told me what city you are in or a general time frame that you are inquiring about, I assume you are just messaging me to waste time. I do not have an assistant due to the sensitive nature of this work, so I don’t have time to reply to every text that says “Hi, how are you?”.   


30 Minute Massage


60 Minute Massage
90 Minute Massage


60 Minute Social


Duo Rates

Upon Request

Other rates info

Multi-hour or day rates upon request

I sometimes accommodate a trip to a close-by town or city. My travel rate is a flat rate of $50 per hour for each hour spent driving.

Snapchat Premium

I send a fully nude picture or video daily. Screenshots encouraged!
Don’t have snapchat but want uncensored content? Ask me about my picture and video packages.


Call or Text: 604-652-9645

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